Lisa Daria Kennedy





The Daily
Painting Project

I’ve been making one small painting every single day for the 2900 days.

After eight years, I've no intention of stopping. Having cancer as a young adult, I discovered living is not just surviving. Young and faced with an existential crisis, I questioned, who am I? What does it all mean? Psychologically, existentially, transcendentally - what can a life amount to? I was acutely aware of all the time I’d wasted and the things I put off, I wanted a way to embrace each day, no matter how typical, so without excuse or hesitation, I begin each day by painting.

Each of these daily exercises is a vital component of the project’s ongoing, infinite progression



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The path
to painting
starts with you.


Learn to loosen up, connect with your personal style and how to stay motivated and inspired. Let's simplify the process to painting every day (or almost).