Have you really painted every single day for seven years?

Yes, every single day, including Christmas. Painting, for me, is a physical act of being able to leave proof that I was here. I want a way to embrace the day, no matter how ordinary, so without excuse or hesitation, I begin each day by painting. The paintings create a structural framework of self-preservation. Every one of these daily exercises is a vital component of the project's on-going, infinite progression. 

What if you're sick?

I still paint, no excuses. 

How does your other work fit in with the daily painting project? 

As the volume of my daily paintings grow they are not just representing the days that I have lived. Having cancer as a young adult has taught me that living is not just surviving and although my ritual continues, over the past three years I’ve expanded my work to move beyond this self-imposed, rule based project. I now understand the controlled parameters.

The project is a way to manage the out of control circumstances of an abject body.

However, I’m not interested in depicting the debasing and vile aspects of the abject. I’m interested in how the relationship with the body changes after one experiences the abject.

For example, in my fainting party series women are shown in vulnerable poses. The edges of the figures break apart and there's an uncertainty between where the interior body ends and the exterior space begins.
The fainting pose symbolizes vulnerability, because the fainting body represents loss of control. Fainting therefore signifies abject embodiment. 

Are your pickles gluten free?

Huh? What? 

Do you do commissions?

Yes, many folks have asked me to resize a daily painting to fit their vision and blank wall, have a look-see;

What about commissions from scratch?

I love doing those too! My client asked me to create a painting of a particular dimension. So, I started by creating a painted sketch to scale. The concept included symbolic icons for a happy life and lots of love.  

What if I loved the sketch, but not the finished painting?

Awkward, right? But don't you worry, I have a professional background in illustration so, I'm accustomed to edits and achieving a client's vision. 

Do you ship big paintings?


Would you be willing to teach a workshop in my area? 

Yes, just email me a local art center or studio and I'll send them a proposal (I travel well).